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We’re available in the following ways to support you:

Personal - for me or someone I know

Mentoring for your emotional wellbeing, with our 1:1 sessions

Collaborations - working together

Delivering projects for the community or for your organisation

Training - for my workplace

The I-Act course is accredited by The Royal College of Psychiatrists

“When my anxiety levels began to spiral out of control and I felt myself sliding into depression I started to work with Ling.

 I had lost my confidence and felt fragile and vulnerable.  Ling helped me to accept what was happening and encouraged me to share my fears and feelings.

The non-judgemental, supportive help I received has enabled me to be kinder to myself, to think about my needs and take steps to re-build my emotional resilience.”

Claire, Southampton

5 Ways of Wellbeing

Introducing Ling Salter
Wellbeing Mentor

Previously a mental health nurse, I have over 17 years of working in Health & Social Care.  The environments have varied from hospitals, the community and even prison.  I remain passionate about mental health and wellbeing, due to my previous experiences both professionally and personally.

My interests include Reiki, Tai Chi and Yoga.  I’m sure there’s a common theme there!  I’m based in Eastleigh, Hampshire where I live with my family and 2 cats Faith and Willow.

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